4 - toppings 50ยข each Slice 'n Soda Special (available 11AM - 3PM) One quarter of a 16 inch pizza with your choice of toppings and a 16 oz soda. 6 Soup & Insalata Verde (available 11AM - 3PM) 7 Soup & Insalata Pico (available 11AM - 3PM) 7 Soup & Insalata Toscana (available 11AM - 3PM) 8 Soup & Thai Chicken Salad (available 11AM - 3PM) Varies Half Foccacia Sandwich & Soup or Salad (available 11AM - 3PM) half of any or our foccaccia sandwiches and your choice of the soup of the day, or, small salad. (Half pitas and wraps not available)